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Concrete and Wash Water Recycling System

The concrete and wash water recycling system is designed for readymix concrete companies that produce low strength concrete mixtures and lack fresh water resources. The standard design of the agitator slurry recycle system has 4 mixing tanks, 1 settling slope tank and 1 clean water tank.

Concrete Washout System | Reuse Concrete Water

The Conquip Concrete Washout System is a complete, best practice solution for concrete washout. It is a unique, compact, simple solution which enables you to reuse concrete water from the washing out of concrete trucks, concrete pumps and concrete skips.

BFK Concrete Reclaimers

Feb 26, 2014 · A video overview of how BFK Concrete Reclaimers operate, and what makes them unique. Since 1997, BFK Technologies Inc. has engineered and manufactured the industries leading Concrete Reclaimers ...

Washout Systems - Cal-Waste Recovery Systems

Concrete. The Concrete Washout System (CWS) from Cal-Waste is a watertight containment system that controls, captures and contains all of the caustic wastewater and concrete washout material from construction projects, eliminating any possibility of an illegal discharge.

Concrete Washout System - Reuse Concrete Wastewater

Concrete Washout System The Best-practice Solution for Reusing Concrete Wastewater The Conquip Concrete Washout System is a unique, simple solution to reuse concrete wastewater from the washing out of concrete trucks, concrete pumps and concrete skips.

Front Discharge Unit - Enviroguard Washout System

Enviroguard is an innovative and environmentally sound disposal method of waste water and concrete slurry. The Enviroguard chute rinse system is easily installed on to all ready mix concrete trucks. It is well built, simple to use and inexpensive to maintain. With environmental standards and regulations steadily tighte

Concrete Reclaimer & Mixer Truck Washout

Oct 17, 2017 · Concrete Reclaimer & Mixer Truck Washout 1. Screw Reclaimer & Sedimentation Pools Reclaimer & Filter Press Pools Screw Reclaimer Filter Press Clean Water Tank Reclaimer Agitation Tank Less area, less civil structure.

Concrete Reclaiming: Concrete Reclaimer System, Reclaiming

Our concrete reclaiming systems helps to segregate sand, gravel, and greywater from return concrete. Keep your plant in compliance and save money with concrete reclaiming. If you are looking for a solution to a concrete waste disposal, a concrete reclaimer system is a great solution.

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Commonly the washout stations are designed for medium to large ready-mixed concrete plants, with > 5 ready-mixed concrete truck mixers. A concrete washout station is built modular and expandable, to offer a multitude of flexible arrangements – allows your system to grow with your operations.

Stormwater Best Management Practices: Concrete Washout

concrete. Concrete washout. After concrete is poured at a construction site, the chutes of ready mixed concrete trucks and hoppers of concrete pump . trucks must be washed out to remove the remaining concrete before it hardens. Equipment such as wheelbarrows and hand tools also need to be washed down. At the end of each work

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BIBKO® Umwelt- und Reinigungstechnik GmbH, Steinbeisstr. 1 + 2, 71717 Beilstein, Germany BIBKO® ready mix reclaimer and concrete recycler, Restbetonauswasch Anlage, Technologien zur Aufbereitung von Infrastrukturabfällen, recyclage du beton, reciclaje del hormigón, Technologies for processing infrastructure waste, Seit 1985 ist BIBKO® der führende Hersteller von Restbeton ...

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BFK Model B Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer. The model B Snubnose Reclaimer is a workhorse capable of reclaiming up to 1 yd./min (.9 m/min) or 60 yd./hr. (54.8m/hr.). The Snubnose reclaims at twice the rate of most competitive models, allowing your trucks to wash out and get back under the plant as quickly as possible.

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Washout Watchdog Helps You Capture, Contain, and Process Concrete Washout Water with Products That are Well Made, Long Lasting, Efficient, and Reasonably Priced. Les Connard is the Owner of Washout Watchdog and is Chief Inventor and Innovator of all things relating to solving your concrete washout water problems. Learn More …

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The waste concrete slurry is rapidly discharged from the mixer into the reclaimer stage, where a paddle conveyor system tumbles and agitates the material under thousands of litres of water to release the cement. The cement is held in suspension in the water in the first stage.

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Concrete batching plants usually adopt JS series twin shaft concrete mixer as the main mixer. Twin shaft concrete mixer belongs to forced concrete mixer and has stronger mixing effect and higher mixing efficiency than self-falling concrete mixer. It can be used to mix hard-dry concrete and light aggregate concrete. (3)Cement Silo

Concrete Washout System

The Concrete Washout System recovers aggregate material from ready-mix trucks and prevents wasteful material disposal. Our system will help you eliminate truck washdown time, end-of-shift overtime hours, and costly trips to disposal sites.

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Company marks its 20th year in 2017, having logged ready mixed and precast concrete installations across the world. Its flagship series is the Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer, offered in six sizes and models for extracting reusable rock and sand from returned concrete or washout.

Recycling System

MCT reclaiming systems for ready-mix are specially designed considering the amounts of returning concrete, wash-out water and site specifications. Several treatment methods are available in order to optimize the system to the particular concrete production facility, fully integrated with the batching plant.

Enviroguard Washout System – EnviroGuard, Inc

EnviroGuard is an innovative and environmentally sound disposal method of waste water and concrete slurry. ... the system does not increase washout time. ...

Concrete Wastewater & Slurry Treatment | ALAR Corp

ALAR Engineering Corporation is a direct manufacturer of liquid-solid separation equipment. ALAR custom builds concrete wastewater treatment and filtration systems that can be integrated with mechanical reclaimers and existing concrete washout processing equipment. Contact ALAR to help determine the best solution for your concrete operation.

JADAIR concrete industry reclaimers and washout systems

Jadair concrete industry reclaimers and washout systems ... Concrete pipe Pre-cast products : ... Sand and gravel Quarrying Dimensional stone Gold: JADAIR ...

Concrete Washout Area (CWA)

Once concrete wastes are allowed to harden, the concrete should be broken up, removed and disposed as garbage, or recycled properly. If concrete washout do not dry out or percolate, then a vacuum service might be needed. CWA Types 1. Concrete Washout Area: Temporary concrete washout pit or bermed area below grade of sufficient volume to

Treating and Recycling Concrete Process Water

Process water is often related to washout and coring operations but may also include stormwater, which collects a measurable amount of cementitious material from areas surrounding the production facility. Characteristics of concrete process water Concrete process water is caustic and typically has a high pH value ranging between 11 and 12.

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Below are downloads you can look at, that will help you design your own system, and you can look at basic “typical” layouts of our most popular products. Hey, even if you never buy a reclaimer, these pond layouts could help clean up your washout water.

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1-4 Truck Discharge Hood: Discharge hoods for all fleet sizes, increase driver washout times by increasing the number of trucks that can washout simultaneously. Cement Recovery System 2 Truck. Cement Recovery System 2 Truck. Cement Recovery System 2 Truck. Cement Recovery System 2 Truck. Cement Recovery System 3 Truck. Cement Recovery System 3 ...

Concrete Washout System Provides Clean, Reusable Water for

The McLanahan Concrete Washout System was installed to follow Ready Made’s existing reclaimer. Like most start-ups, this was not without its challenges. What they soon found out was that a lot of sand was escaping the reclaimer and being passed along to the filter press. “We would get the McLanahan people back out here and they

Reclaimer equipment

Washout system. A washout system operates without settling pits and provides recycled water from the machine for washouts. That's the JADAIR REDI-WASH tm unit, which fits the needs of the majority of producers. It includes both a reclaimer stage like the REDI-CLAIM unit plus a water clarifier.

Clean Site Solutions

Again, as with the hay bale washout pits, this system is inherently flawed, as it is not watertight and leaks caustic wash water onto the ground and into the storm drains as well as not having the ability to washout the hopper of a concrete pump truck. It is generally lined with plastic in an attempt to prevent it from leaking.

Indoor washout and recycling facility sets concrete company

Because the Auto-Vac is a self-cleaning dewatering system, active concrete will not blind or plug the filter. The system separates water from cement fines, generating clear/colourless (non-potable) water for recycling and re-use in the batch reclaimer and washout, and it produces dry, manageable solids for easy transport offsite.


During the production of the asphalt mixture, the managers did a lot of work on the stacking of raw materials and the quality control of the finished products, but the waste management and waste recycling of the asphalt mixing plant did not reach the required level.